My research explores science fiction and the visual cultures of Poland, the former Yugoslavia and East & Central Europe. My current book project, Working the Base: Alloys of Art and Industry in the People's Poland, is a cultural history of art festivals and amateur film clubs in the industrial workplace in late-socialist Poland.

            My recent article "Civic Voyeurism: Józef Robakowski's Aerial Views of the Commons" can be read in the journal View: Theories and Practices of Visual Culture. I read Józef Robakowski's film From My Window (1978-1999) and focus on its offscreen voiceover to challenge its traditional interpretation as a parable of socialist surveillance culture. I introduce the optimistic notion of "civic voyeurism" and ask if observing (surveilling) one's neighbors can be an act of care. 

            I return to the peculiar effects of disembodied sound in a recent paper for the conference Beyond Borders: Empires, Bodies, Science Fictions organized by the London Science Fiction Research Community.

          In a new article forthcoming in Studies in Eastern European Cinema, I analyze collaborative films made by Polish artist Paweł Kwiek in the early 1970s. I read the films as exercises in self-organization that anticipated and actualized the political opposition's theoretical program during this decade.